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Bass Transcriptions from Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy

Note-for-Note Transcriptions of Arvell Shaw is now available!

We offer lessons for Upright bass, electric bass, guitar and ukulele.

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In 1954, Louis Armstrong and His All Stars recorded Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy. Consisting of all songs composed by W.C. Handy-"The Father of the Blues," the album is widely considered Armstrong's best of the 1950's. The album was produced by George Avakian and the band was in top form. The result is a joyous, raucous celebration of some of the finest blues in New Orleans-style ever recorded!

The bass lines transcribed in this book are of  bassist Arvell Shaw as played on the album. Arvell was a powerful bassist with magnificent tone, technique and stage presence.  On each song of the album, the bass lines are flawless in supporting the music.

Bassists of all levels can use this book for upright and electric bass. 

The transcriptions provide invaluable insight in how to play the blues authentically in New Orleans jazz style.


  • All of the eleven songs are complete full length song transcriptions

  • Five major keys are covered in the songs: C,F,Bb,Eb,Ab

  • Basic chords are included in the charts.

  • Walking bass lines that will help you learn the notes on the fingerboard in position and shifting to the upper register using major scale approach.

  • For seasoned bassists who have been playing primarily by ear and would like to add or begin reading, this book is for you!

~Paul Thompson

Victor Wooten Steve Bailey

                   About the Author

Billy Bileca is a dedicated  musician

and instructor. At an early age he was influenced by blues and jazz. He has toured nationally and internationally,  performing with a wide array of great musicians. Billy has shared the stage opening for B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Albert Collins, Robert Cray and many more.    

In 1992, Billy studied at The Grove School of Music under the direction of Joel Di Bartolo-bassist from the Tonight Show Orchestra-Johnny Carson. Joel inspired him to begin teaching. Over the last 25 years, Billy has taught hundreds of students. 


He is known for his knowledge, patience, humor and always giving his best to every musical performance and endeavor. 

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